Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Breaking News:

Police in Elbow, Mississippi report that a 5 year-old girl has gone missing from her home. Tabitha Roberts, portrayed by her parents as “Not very nice,” was last seen about four months ago. “It dawned on us this morning, stated the father, Nicky Roberts, “that this kid ain’t coming home.” Melissa Roberts, the girls aunt, who did not want to be identified . . . . . . . . oops, the girl’s aunt, who did not want to be identified stated that as soon as the parents figured out that something might have gone wrong they finished their breakfast, tidied up the living room, did the dishes, swept the floor and immediately called the police. Tabitha’s mom, Rene Roberts said that Tabitha was last seen wearing “Something blue I think. It was either the top or possibly jeans. It’s been so long, who can remember? She was riding her bike. I’m pretty sure of that.”

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tabitha, who is described as “kinda funny looking, with scraggy hair and a wonky eye,” they are encouraged to call police pretty soon. Police say that although Tabitha isn’t gorgeous, and even though she doesn't possess a pleasant personality like most missing little girls, they are probably going to look for her anyway. According to Police, if there are any people who don’t have anything better to do, and who would like to volunteer in a search for Tabitha, they are more than welcome to organise some kind of a group and go do that.

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