Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Atheism and Mythology

Well, it’s happened. Atheism has devolved into full blown mythology. Part of me says it’s unbelievable, but another part realises that it had to happen. This just in from CNN.

“Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland constructed a computer model to create a synthetic galaxy with billions of stars and planets. They then studied how life evolved under various conditions in this virtual world, using a supercomputer to crunch the results.”

Good grief Charley Brown! They don’t even know how life evolved in this world! And now they’re projecting how life came about somewhere else? At least at this point in the article the myth is still recognised as such. But listen to what happens as the game progresses.

“In a paper published recently in the International Journal of Astrobiology, the researchers concluded that based on what they saw, at least 361 intelligent civilizations have emerged in the Milky Way since its creation, and as many as 38,000may have formed.”

Speculation is gone. We now have a new fantasy to live by. Listen in as we’re shown how these atheists zoom past speculation and move right on to relating to this new “reality.”

“Duncan Forgan, a doctoral candidate at the university who led the study, said he was “Surprised by the hardiness of life on these other worlds.”

Well slap my forehead.

"Forgan said. “I half-expected [extinction] events to disallow the rise of intelligence, and yet civilizations seemed to flourish."

When dealing with the question of “Where is everybody,” in this suddenly crowed universe, the mythological story has been expanded to,

"Civilizations come and go. Chances are, if you do happen to find a planet which is going to have intelligent life, it's not going to be in [the same] phase of [evolution] us.

Oh my! What ever happened to the good old days when science was science - observe, repeat, verify?

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